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Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans for Businesses

Retirement Plans for Businesses

Whether it is a desire to contribute more for retirement, add more value for employees, or required by government, business owners can reach out to start retirement plans. There are many plans out there, but we can help find the best type of plan out there to best accomplish the goals of the business owner.

For a quick glance as to how much can be contributed by business owners for some of the most common plans, click below!

Comparing Retirement Plans


CalSavers in a state IRA savings program. Employers with 5 or more employees are required to have a retirement plan or have to enroll in CalSavers by June 30, 2022. As an eligible employer, you must withhold the appropriate percentage from an employees' paycheck and submit it to CalSavers within 7 days. Is CalSavers the best plan for you?


  • Ability for employees to contribute to their retirement through their paychecks
  • No employer fiduciary responsibilities
  • No fees to employers
  • App and website available for employees and employers


  • Employee contribution is limited to the Roth IRA amount of $6,500
  • No employee tax benefit in year of contribution
  • No employer matching
  • Limited advice and support for plan participants
  • No advisor educational meetings
  • Increased employer requirements such as tracking whether employees have to opt out every 2 years
  • Employees not eligible for Roth IRAs are responsible for opting out of plan
  • Penalties can be significant for failure to comply with CalSavers provisions